Washington DC Locksmith – 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

An emergency locksmith can be the most important person in your life at that certain moment. There are, unfortunately, always unpleasant moments which are really out of our control. Something is locked or unlocked that needs to be otherwise, and typically you are in a great hurry to be somewhere else. Coming home to a broken-into house, lost, damaged or broken keys, or locks, or keys jammed into (or worse, broken off in) the door or the car ignition or just lying there on the car seat while you peer through the locked windows – all these are nightmarish but possible scenarios. And those are just the times you need to call us, your local Washington DC area emergency locksmiths. We can be there in just a few quick minutes any time of the day or night, ready to help.

Here our locksmith services offered 24/7:

  • Emergency locksmith services
  • Car lockout services
  • Installation, repair and upgrade of security system
  • Ignition switch repair
  • Re-keying and re-making keys
  • Key duplication
  • Surveillance system and access control system
  • Residential and commercial locksmith
  • Lockout / opening

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith in Washington

We have only bonded and insured, highly-trained locksmiths who carry the most advanced and most high quality locksmithing equipment to handle any of your locksmith problems and security needs. Prompt, courteous, and friendly, we will solve your emergency locksmith as fast as possible for you. Whether you need help with your house door or car, whether you simply need access, or the whole lock replaced, we will be able to serve you promptly, discreetly, and efficiently. We carry a full line of replacement and upgrade locks and continuously train our locksmiths in the optimum replacement, repair, and installation of all these. While you wait, we can carefully extract a broken key from any lock, including a car ignition, and create a new key for you right on the spot.


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Pro Locksmith is a reliable locksmith service provider which does not only desire to give outstanding locksmith services throughout

Washington, but also provide these services in affordable rates so that everyone would be able to avail of them especially when you need them the most. We consider our customers as our major priority, therefore we provide only the best locksmithing equipment and security systems, highly-trained and dedicated locksmith professionals and technical experts and satisfactory outcome for all our services – all of that and more just for you.

Trust us to handle your lock and key emergencies, and then also check out our full line of non-emergency locksmith services.