Pro Locksmith serves the entire DC metropolitan area and surrounds. That means that even out at the cozy Queens Chapel area, we pride ourselves in being there when you need us. We have been in the locksmith industry for many years thus ensuring our clients with professional employees and excellent services available for reasonable rates.

While you are most likely to call us in an emergency, Pro Locksmith is a full service locksmith offering both residential and commercial locks and security systems, and would love to consult with you for any lock or alarm system upgrades.

List of our 24/7 services:

  • Lockout / opening
  • Emergency locksmith
  • Car lockout services
  • Residential and commercial locksmith
  • Key duplication
  • Broken key extraction
  • Ignition key repair
  • Installation, repair and upgrade of security systems

Emergency locksmith in Queen’s Chapel

Most of the time when you need a locksmith, it is an emergency. You have locked yourself out of your car or home, or broken a lock trying to get in. Or worse, someone else has gained unauthorized access to your home or car and left you with broken doors, jammed locks, and a big mess. After the police, of course, your very next call should be to Pro Locksmith. One of our mobile locksmith teams can be on the way there immediately.

We keep our fleet of specially stocked mobile locksmith vans prepped and ready to go at a moment’s notice. These unique vehicles carry our locksmith’s tools, and various replacement parts that are commonly needed when we are called out. We keep these rescue vehicles organized and stocked with carefully maintained, up to date equipment and tools. We are prepared for any lock emergency, including helping you deal with an electronic security system that needs repair or replacement.

Car locksmith services in Queen’s Chapel

The most common locksmith emergency, unfortunately, usually involves the locks or key stuck in ignition. All too often, in a hurry to be somewhere, our attention slips for just a moment, and there we are, locked out of a car. It can be as simple as, while loading the groceries into the back of the car, dropping the keys and not realizing it until you close the top down on the trunk. Since our locksmiths are both mobile and on call 24 hours, Pro Locksmith is the number you need. Our call in line is continuously monitored, and a mobile locksmith van can be dispatched to your location instantly. In minutes a sympathetic and professional locksmith will be helping you gain re-entry to your vehicle.

If your problem is a little more serious, like a broken or jammed lock, or a key broken off in a lock, or even in the ignition, our experts will know just what to do. Taking care not to cause any further harm to your car doors or ignition, our skilled technician will have both the proper tools and the expertise to extract that broken key, make you a duplicate and have you on your way.